05 May 2010

Tomorrow is a big day

Good to see we'll all be hungover for this, drinking on those ethnic holidays that Americans are so fond of adopting when there is liquor involved.

In any case, as you can see here, it looks like those silly atheists/secularists don't care more than they are annoyed. And those religious people really seem to care, and, whats more, really seem to care that it be focused on Christianity as that most wonderful religion of them all. That would be a good reason not to have the thing, in my view. What with that establishment clause issue to work through.

And it's the least compelling reason to have it if the Christians think they need to celebrate their heritage or something. Nobody is stopping you from praying or even from proselytizing (though on that latter point, don't be surprised if you get some slammed doors and angry expressions when you do so by slandering and putting down other people's religious choices...or lack thereof. I'm looking in your direction Brit Hume). We already have major Christian feast holidays as federal days off and In god we trust printed on our money or in mentioned in our songs and pledges. What more is needed? Mandatory participation?

Also: I'm curious, what do the other 3% believe happens with prayers and/or God? And wow that's a lot of people who believe in a personal god. Where are all the zombie believers?
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