24 May 2010

In which I discuss being smug and arrogant

About not participating in the great water cooler show of the past decade
A list of tweets I've read on this:
"While back, got maybe 10m into Lost pilot & thought "y'know, I just don't have time for this shit". Feeling pretty good about that choice."
"Reading the Lost Wikipedia entry. You guys wasted six years on this?"
"Between this and Battlestar, I've lost all faith in television."
"Ron Moore is the happiest man in all Nerddom today" (Ron Moore wrote Battlestar)
"like Medicare, was a promise that was always doomed not to pay off."
"Thank you, Lost finale, for not only sucking harder than the gravity well of a neutron star, but also giving me horrible nightmares"
"Well, that was 6 years of my life I'll never get back."
And of course, the Onion

Considering the downturn in sense that Battlestar Galactica took as it progressed, I feel pretty safe skipping this one too.

Incidentally, Treme appears to be a mess (and Pacific wasn't all that either with maybe one really good episode toward the end that you could have skipped most of the others for). So it may be a while before I bother watching anything airing at all on TV. Supposedly Breaking Bad and Mad Men are good, but I haven't had the time to start a new show catchup program yet. Too many books and blogs (and NBA playoff games).

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