19 May 2010

Answer my question?

Why get tattoos? Sort of like my inquiries relating to nasal piercings. I look at a tattoo and consider that it is a permanent signal. Perhaps they can signal things about our inner character or perhaps we want to feel a permanent relation to whatever it is that we tattooed on our bodies.

But most tattoos are in visible places (to others) and don't really have these characteristics. They're just artistic things for other people to look at. I'd guess that means they serve some sort of sexual or personal signaling effect and do so with a permanence that say, clothing, which has the disadvantage of being removable or changeable, does not apparently satisfy.

So far as I can tell however, they mostly signal to me things like "warning, stay away, I make dumb and risky choices". Skin is already fairly appealing when it can be viewed. I'm not sure that it needs a painting attached to it. That looks to me more like a branding effort than a statement about one's individuality. If you must be associated with a brand, wearing clothes with the brand advertising on them is probably sufficient, as would be forms of conspicuous consumption (buying expensive jewelry or hybrid/sports cars, etc).
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