12 May 2010

an outing

Iron Man 2. I'm a typical human American male. Occasionally things blowing up can be entertaining. The most gnawing aspects were:

1) What did Rushman/Romanoff say in Latin to him? I didn't catch it because they immediately did the "what did you say? trick which can throw off the audio short term memory of "what did I just hear her say?" by telling you something else entirely.

This annoys me. A lot.

2) Why did they use a bunch of set action pieces at the end to try to cover up that they ran out of story about a half hour earlier? The 2nd Matrix movie did the same deal only it spread out the bits and pieces like someone smashed a cookie and made us look for the sugary goodness that was the leftover crumbs in between the random action pieces.

3) Why did they copy the same plot device formula (again 2nd Matrix movie) of "hmm, this guy is basically invincible, why don't we just make more villains who all do the same thing and that way it will take longer for him to kill them". Last fight, like in the first one, was kind of anti-climatic. Spoiled off of long set piece battles in things like Star Wars or the two Batman movies. Even that last Hulk movie had better action sequences than this (Iron Man 1 also had a couple good ones earlier in the film, which this one lacked).

4) This was not as funny as the first one. In fact the first hour, while the best part I thought of the actual film and plot, was actually sort of depressing (kind of the way the first one set up too). I assumed his rival competitor was supposed to be funny. But he mostly came off as "lame funny" rather than "ha-ha funny". If it does not draw a smirk, it was not funny enough. Most of the movie did not draw much smirking (the Congressional hearing at the beginning was pretty good though).

6/10 on imdb. I think. I'd go 4 or 5, but RDJ is still pretty good as Stark/himself. Rourke wasn't bad either, for what he had to do. (ScarJo mostly doesn't do much except get ogled. Oh and spin like crazy while around kicking people or flipping them over. Which I assume wasn't her anyway).
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