05 May 2010

Good Luck

getting anyone to cooperate with a 10 step program for recovery.

For their closed loop information cycle.

I'm pretty sure the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Since that hasn't yet happened (for example look at #10 "I don't care if the facts are right"), we're miles away from getting anyone to start scrutinizing their own kind with the same attention to detail that they examine their political rivals on team red or team blue.

I suppose another major problem is that for most people it is more important to appear to be on team red or team blue than it is that team red or blue be right about....anything at all. That method of enforced unity does tend to suppress internal dissenters or as we might call it:

"....But I have thoughts".

(yes I've linked that one before...but it's just so fun).
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