24 May 2010

A bit late. Like a year

But not surprising

That'll probably help if they're looking to keep LeBron at least. I would not expect whoever picks up Brown (someone will, I'm not sure why though) to be on LeBron's list of prime free agent spots. The guy can coach defense, but couldn't set up a play to run on offense for 5 years other than the patented "LeBron-23 ft heave" and apparently couldn't figure out how to exploit game plan matchups by changing personnel.

In the news of teams still playing, Boston isn't really surprising me that they're having such an easy time with Orlando. The upset over Cleveland was a lot harder to see coming than this (I certainly didn't pick it, neither did anyone else that I can find). By contrast, no team with Vince Carter is going anywhere important. I'm not sure yet whether to root for LA to go 6 or 7 or get that one over and done with too.

And the Blackhawks are in the NHL finals. That's...weird. Other than the Bulls during the MJ era, I'm used to Chicago having crappy sports teams (excepting that one year with the Sox). So this is odd.
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