21 May 2010

More libertarian watching

"he would not leave abortion to the states, he doesn't believe in legalizing drugs like marijuana and cocaine, he'd support federal drug laws, he'd vote to support Kentucky's coal interests and he'd be tough on national security." ....

"there was one thing he would not cut: Medicare physician payments." (Rand, like his dad, is a doctor).

Everybody got that? Just so we're clear, this is not libertarian at all. It's stock populism mixed with "bring home our pork" populism (the coal subsidies). Oh and a little personal business self-interest without an appropriate level of business detachment in his politics. If that's what Kentucky (and Tea Partiers) want, then fine, I guess.

But don't put shit on my plate and call it steak.

Noted: (It is a little funny that I'm seeing a lot of libertarians confused or openly outraged that this is "the guy", and that he himself seems to be trying to run away from the title).
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