11 May 2010


Not so sure what happened to my pick on this one, but I'm really surprised the Cavs have figured out how to collapse (so far) against the Celtics instead of the Magic. I figured they'd lose one in Boston, but not two at home. So far it looks like a combination of Mike Brown figuring out how to outcoach himself yet again (he has 3 big guys on his bench that should be running instead of Shaq and probably Z in this series, in Varejao, Hickson, and Powe because that's the Celtics' kryptonite is athletic quick big guys: See Hawks, Atlanta) and Varejao appears to be playing hurt.

I'm also not sure that the Magic could beat the Celtics either. Which may lead to a weird finals because I'm not as sure after the Suns sweep that they'll have as much trouble with LA.

*full disclosure: I'm a Garnett/Allen fan and thus a Celtics fan. Being in Ohio means lots of people think I should be a Cavs fan. I'm ambivalent.
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