30 May 2010

as always

After any encounter with other people in a prolonged non-working setting, I have depressurized some elements of my persona

1) It takes a lot of energy to go do things, with other people at least. It still takes a lot of energy to go "do things" (go out in public) normally, but this is different.
2) It takes even more energy to go talk to other people about: anything about me, stories, work, habits, etc.
3) As a result, random interjections, usually forms of comedy, playing off of other people's stories are far more common
4) At some point, I end up feeling like I'm intruding and begin talking less and less. This is usually much before I see fit to leave of course and completely independent of whether other people are visibly expressing an interest that I do so (which seems to be less common than I remember).

5) Roasted animals are still tasty.
6) I think I survived in spite of myself.
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