13 July 2010

Things I get to say I told you so about

Toyota edition

I guess those floor mats were a bad idea, but since Toyota is still rated very highly as a manufacturer of very safe cars and this whole rash of incidents mirrored previous "death trap out of control" panics on the part of the general public, I'm going to file this whole under the "not a story stories" that it belonged in months ago. The problem is that it wasn't a not a story story months ago. So it'll take a while for people to figure that out.

Meanwhile, in other good news from a long, long time ago (as these things go with investigations and court proceedings). Fox actually did something useful. For now anyway. Sooner or later the FCC will decide to define more specifically what "patently offensive" means (it meant what ever they said before). I'd still like to know how "fuck" has an inherently sexual connotation in all its many, many uses and how that decision was reached, but whatever.
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