31 July 2010

Running away from police

By simply parking and waiting for them to go away....is apparently suspicious enough behavior to justify traffic stops?

What exactly are police supposed to be doing again? It would seem to me that ignoring and not making eye contact with a cop is pretty routine. I don't look at them anyway and keep going on about my business and I more or less ignore them when they are actually talking to me as well. It is not required for me to be cooperative or responsive to their inquiries. All that does is either a) get him more information than he needs in order to issue some citation or even make an arrest or b) smooth out the encounter such that I will be on my way faster, but at the cost of some of my personal rights as guaranteed, which I'm a little leery about doing.

And as far as parking a car... that's pretty standard too. Perhaps the guy needed to text someone for directions or was simply lost and attempting to get his bearings by examining the street. That behavior (parking one's car briefly and then driving on) would not need to be linked at all to police activity in the vicinity. Are we to envision that all people who become nervous around authorities, such as the police, are now to be considered as potential criminal actors? Seems to me like this is a facts are backward type thinking. The people who get more comfortable around police seem more like the career criminal types. They're used to the attention and scrutiny and know their ways around their rights, such as the cop will allow them to properly exercise, by that point.

But in any case, I suggest the following action when you see police.

Run Away!

Because pulling out a camera will apparently be deemed as an offensive weapon at this point. And that's no defence at all if police are going to delete the evidence, which is distressingly common behavior at this point in relation to the filming or photographing of police misconduct.
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