13 July 2010

George is getting upset

Jimmy's DOWN!

* George: You wanted to see me, Mr. Steinbrenner?
* Mr. Steinbrenner: Yes, George, come in, come in. You know, George, I've been your biggest supporter around here and that's why I was so disappointed to hear that you've been pilfering the equipment.
* George: George would never do anything like that.
* Mr. Steinbrenner: No, why would I? I own it.
* George: Right.
* Mr. Steinbrenner: So what are you saying?
* George: Why would George steal from the Yankees?
* Mr. Steinbrenner: He wouldn't.
* George: Of course not.
* Mr. Steinbrenner: Exactly.

(George gestures: so there you are.)

* Mr. Steinbrenner: (mumbles to himself) I don't know what the hell's going on here.
* George: Sir?
* Mr. Steinbrenner: Nothing.
* George: Well, I say it's about time for George's lunch!
* Mr. Steinbrenner: Yes, it is. (picks up brown bag) All right let's see what I have today. Darn it, it's ham and cheese again--and she forgot the fancy mustard. I told her I like that fancy mustard, you know you could put that fancy mustard on a shoe and it would taste pretty good to me. Oh, she made up for it with a cupcake though. Hey, look at this, you know I got a new system for eating these things, George. I used to peel off the chocolate. Now I turn it upside down, I eat the cake first and save the frosting for the end, it's almost a dessert dessert...

I'm not sure this was the first thing people thought of when they heard that he had a fatal heart attack. But it was my first reaction. I'd rather remember people the way I want to sometimes. And not see our untimely demises as events of mourning and suffering. They happen. I deal with it my way, and you do it your way. I take everything else more seriously. But matters of great concern, sometimes they need to be taken lightly (sometimes they don't too).
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