31 July 2010

A juggernaut

Speak to me in rhymes
I hear only whispers
Without the volume turned up
The walls keep out the noise
Slide though the bars the tune

Look at me, I'm trapped
in a circle, running
There are only two doors
to nowhere
Escape is not his plan

Tied down to the mast
Watch a siren song
Burning through desires
A long time forgotten
Abandoned in worlds past

No box to hold it in
A glass to pour it out?
Or it wells up behind
Pushing out two at a time
Seeping out an ache

Thought that wound was covered up


It healed

As the runner paced
Victory is far away
A lane for no celebrations
Only to keep going
Express lane is closed

Make it home on your own
Drunk on the most powerful
form of addiction
Gets hard to see straight
When the walls are quivering

By sight, and not by light
Shining through the mirrors
No use eventually, pierced
straight through
Crumbled, and shattered

In a million pieces
Careful, sharp, biting
down on the taste of skin
to skin, it never stops
Keeps running for anything
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