16 July 2010

Story I don't follow

NAACP vs the Tea Party.

Instead. I'll go here.

I get that there are some real morons in the Tea Party. I get that there are people who oppose things like social welfare programs or support stricter immigration reforms on the basis of racial anomosities. It's not all there is to those ideas. And some of them are just bad ideas or incompletely thought out and poorly executed (like the Tea Party's opposition to deficits, with no plan how to achieve them).

But really. Is it that hard to call out the morons? Do they have to be in a position that they can call themselves a movement spokesperson and just make it blatantly obvious that they are in fact racist morons?

The story I really don't care about is this one. The Black Panthers/black power movement had a heyday in the 1968 Olympics. That was 40 years ago. They don't matter. But hell, neither does Jesse Jackson and people still make a big deal when he compared free agency and owning sports teams to slavery.

So to answer this...
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