10 July 2010

open eyes

A vision blurry fades in
takes a time frame of people
are petrol, sleepwalking through
in the hallway
Blasting a tune, beats and keystrokes
Open the window, watching scowls forming
on the highway
Privately a pirate looting them

Repeated track
Here is the hook
Catching on, head nods
Visibly, disappearing is hard strolling
about a crowded room
Sit in a corner, lurking
Ready to pounce, reserved the rights
remain silent, talk with the eye
Evil or not.
Swimming with feet made of lead
in a gated community

Wake up with the bird
in the window
And open up an eye to the moonlight
that was once a sunlight glare.
Wait a while, tinted fashions
will be needed soon enough
to avoid the blinding
brilliant shimmer of a sunrise caught
in a fog.

A hazy sensation
Of being along for the ride.
Drifting where the current moves
faster, slower when a finger curves
into the drink.
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