08 July 2010

obligatory LeBron digression

Since this is completely absorbing sports conversations.

I still think he's going to Chicago. The one place I'm fairly sure he's not going is back to Cleveland. Byron Scott? No cap room? Boston, Orlando, and now Miami (plus Chicago) still out there to be the in the way to drag a team with just Bad Andy on it as a playoff quality player (neither Mo or Jamison can carry the water in crunch team)? Yeah, he dumped the coach. That was needed. Same with the GM. But I think they should have done that last year. It was pretty obvious that Mike Brown wasn't going to grow into a coach capable of running a play to get somebody an open shot and was relying way too much on LeBron to make it up as he went along. That works until the post-season. Doesn't there. Defences are too good.

Miami may be able to pay all three of Wade, Bosh and LeBron max deals, but they need to have another 10 players, most of which will be not even as good as the collection of immodest players that he spent the last couple years carrying. Boston made that work because they had two pretty solid role players as rookies in place. Miami has a headcase that they need to trade for...anything (Beasley) and Chalmers is nowhere in early Rondo's shadow as far as a player. They also had Posey and a couple solid younger (rookie) players (Powe, Davis) to give them a bench.

Meanwhile, Chicago already has two young players who are high quality. Noah's basically a younger version of Varejao (annoying if he's not on your team, love him if he is) and Rose is better than anybody he's ever played with already, Deng is probably close to that status as well. And they have Boozer. Who played with young LeBron and blossomed into All-Star quality stats. I say that's the best shot.
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