21 June 2010

some parts are mixed better than others

But this sounds familiar

Other than that I didn't come up with calculus on my own. I came up with what amounts to utilitarianism and a pile of complex ethical pondering or ruminations on the use of force in foreign policy.

Living in a world that's richer and more interesting than the memories you get out of the actual world was (sometimes still is) a bit of a problem. As a kid you aren't expected to challenge adults (teachers) with things and thoughts. As an adult, you're permitted a bit of that eccentricity, if it hasn't been pounded out of you yet.

I think it works better if we can do it the other way around.

Things that could improve the situation
1) Flexible grade levels. Students can cover subject matter at their own pace or whimsy much easier that way.
2) Flexible curriculum and the ability to throw things at students who need the work on one thing while everyone else is working on another.
3) Easier to skip grades in both situations without breaking up valuable social bonds that somehow formed anyway.
4) It's MUCH easier to form social bonds with other kids who have the same elemental drive to learn something. Schools tend to be cruel atmospheres to the people who have freakish elements to them, like being wicked smaht. Among others.

The downside of setting aside such kids is that they're isolated from the rest. But the upside is that they're isolated from the rest.
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