15 June 2010

DUToE #5

good times roll

Again with the teleological stuff. I think I understand that a person is a person is a person and you can cover them with whatever you want, in whatever colour, and while it may be strange or weird at times to see the first bald person or someone of some other racial characteristic, or to hear someone talking in another language, it's pretty much the same ingredients. Same with water. I pretty much consider water to be water and the labels are irrelevant. This is also the same with clothing, labels are not so much important as comfort, practical utility, etc.

I guess my kicks are harder to come by as a result. That's not terribly surprising to me to figure out. It did however take a long time to understand the signaling games involved in making these trivial essential associations in order to draw pleasure out of something that isn't "there", ie, it only exists because we've been told it does.
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