24 June 2010

arguments that are less offending

In general, I seem from the outside to hold a bizarre set of moral opinions on the behavior of others.

In practice this is because I think happiness and a general sense of contentment is a very fragile thing. People, within reason, ought to be able to practice the things that give them that sense of meaning and value that happiness seems to bring. In the modern world this has resulted in a wide set of niche fetishes and pornography markets that in an earlier time would be banished to the quiet corners of the mind and never opened. As an example. I'm not about to do most any of that either. But as long as there are consenting parties (and no obvious abuse, cruelty, and/or malice involved, such as "crush videos"), I'm not about to argue with it either. Whatever floats your boat.

Just don't expect me to be on the boat the whole time. Or in some cases, any of the time.

For me it seems more like reasoning through things like that and explaining them the best I can are a valued time. I don't know why. I'm not sure I should care. I'm not sure that anybody was ever harmed by an idea or a concept. Maybe they can be offended or annoyed by it. But they're not harmed by it.
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