29 June 2010

more heads, not blogging

The connection between awe and evil

Or something like that. I could definitely see "awe", described in this way, as a terrible burden that brings major downside risks and costs with it. Also the downside of entry fees on scientific examination versus religious "transcendentalism" are kind of curious to be aware of.

Benign masochism

Eating hot spices is apparently "masochism". Awesome. But the more general prospect is that it's supposed to be an evolutionary adaptation that prepares and tests us against actual pain. So is "do you want to see something disgusting?"

Those were probably the most interesting aspects. The idea that I should (and would) pay more to enjoy Perrier instead of water, not so much. I have a hard time constructing an idea that I value many things because of the associations they might have with them. But perhaps this is more because I don't value many things to begin with.
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