21 June 2010


Are any laws actually written to deal with a general problem or do they all just capitalize on a well-publicized violation of some other law?

In this case there are two: prostitution and underage sex (possibly custodial abuse as well), that are potentially at issue instead of attacking strip clubs and probably biting some state revenues in the ass at the same time (sex and alcohol means money for the state). I don't understand the need for people to go to these places in the first place, but I also don't understand the need to paternalise how they are run and set up. If you want to police drug use or prostitution in relation to a strip joint, go right ahead (I think both of those efforts are almost a complete waste of time and state resources too, but those are losing battles with most of the general public). You don't need to govern the operating hours or the behaviors that can be engaged in in order to achieve that end.

In the meantime, while we are busily appointing more powers and controls to the state, this is what they're doing with it: preventing citizen monitoring and reporting on the behaviors of police in the use of those powers, and preventing blacks from serving on juries (in places that are often demographically dominated by blacks).

Good stuff America. Way to be.
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