23 June 2010

I see now

that I am considered useful

At times.

Couple random points though. I don't consider "shyness" a position of lack of strength or courage. I consider it more an extremely high demand for privacy. Nor do I demand that I was not "shy", I accept this as a feature not a bug. For example, on most topics, I am less inclined not to clasp a hand over my mouth if I've something to say or a thought/question to voice.

Only on a few, I am. Which would usually include myself, which would also tend to mean that conversation which draws additional attention to myself is, well, embarrassing or at least uncomfortable. I typically find the random things I come across in the day far more interesting conversationally (and they're typically things I understand far more and have thought out far more than the simple and innocent questions that people ask when they greet each other for a day anyway).

I'm not sure that everyone else agrees with that assessment. And I'm not sure what to think of that either. It's usually annoying. Still deciding what it is when it isn't annoying.
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