23 April 2010

Programming note

I am, so it seems, supposed to be an uncle at some point in the next day. Assuming that all goes to form and plan.

I am not looking forward to assuming the required post as a corruptor of the youth and am largely ambivalent about the whole process. I will hope the favor of this level of low involvement and attention is returned. At least until I have anything to contribute. Kind of hard for me to do any corrupting when they can't talk or walk and feed, clothe, or even relieve bodily waste without outside assistance for example.

But I will presume this will further relieve me of any feeling or impetus to produce a next generational spawn of my own. A new sister I can see and talk to without obstruction, and that I was fine with (that would be the sister-in-law). A tiny being possessed of still fleshy bones and odd and unpredictable wailing noises and incessant demands of attention and care, not my speed.

Better you than me.
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