02 April 2010


I've been playing this since I got it on sale last week. So far I've beaten two campaigns on expert and only expect one campaign to pose any threats. That Parish finale crossing the bridge is insane, a continuous running battle while climbing through and over an endless stream of cars. That's the only hard part in that campaign though.

The Carnival level is hard, but only the part getting into the stadium (ie, before the finale) is really hard where you're running through a continuous gauntlet of zombies. The coaster can be skipped, and its not that hard anyway (just keep running and shoot anything in front of you). The finale is generally easy, you hold up in the corners with massive and clear lines of fire, light up the tanks and go get ammo while they burn, and come back to the corner.

The mall level is a cake walk by comparison (as long as you horde pipes or bile bombs for the ending and the alarm in the mall in the level prior). Split into pairs and you can finish it before the tank even shows up. The fact that you're guaranteed to have a laser sight on an AK or sniper rifle makes it even worse.

The Swamp is a joke. You can skip the airplane wing event fight entirely and the only hard part from there is that they send two tanks at you at once in the finale. Again, light them up and run around works pretty well because of all the holes in the floors that you can jump over and the tank will have to stop and climb back up or will try to throw things at you instead of chasing you. (the one note is that I like the change to the fire damage tank formula, it does damage over time, but you can now shoot the thing to kill it faster too. It's still usually smarter to run like hell if its lit, though maybe if you have explosive rounds it works out. To compensate, the tank chases other people who aren't incapped instead of trying to smash someone to death, which is generally useless if the other 3 aren't incapped since they now have chest paddles to revive people who are dead).

The Sugar Mill is hard only in the second part where you have to cross through a field of sugar cane without being able to see...much of anything. Which the "much of anything" includes several specials and possibly a few wandering witches (instant death if they hit you) plus randomly distributed zombies. If you try to pick off some of that stuff from the ledge next to the elevator it seems a little easier. You have all day to snipe as they climb up.

Overall the game seems harder than the first one, but only because it lacks the same predictability so far. Once you get a formula down for dealing with the least predictable events, it seems like a cakewalk compared to the first one.

The real problem is finding players who don't shoot you in the back and start screaming like 12 year olds in glee as they are kick-banned.
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