19 April 2010

The politics of failure have failed

We need to make them work again!

I particularly like the last paragraph. It seems to me, much like with the post 9-11 period, that most of the requested rules and systems were already in place before the problem blew up in our faces. What happened is that people, the very people now requesting new rules and systems, did not use them effectively to diminish the pains or even prevent the crisis from appearing. In other words, they failed to do their jobs. And expect us to believe now that they require new authority to better do their jobs even though most of the things they are asking for are things they had already in play. I think the incentives, such as they are, are to ask for more authority because it insures that the bureaucracy in charge of enforcing rules will have a budget and a mission statement.

But that's not an incentive for it to do its job.
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