26 April 2010

oh yeah

I was sort of busy over the weekend, which is where the pace of posting comes down.

Amongst other things, I am officially an uncle. I approve of the name, if that matters. I have my own reasons, good comparable peers who share the name in particular. For some reason I've noticed I have a peculiar partiality to similar names and seem to ascribe attributes to people on this basis much too often (for example I think I have far too many facebook friends with 'A' names, and probably 'J' names as well). Thus far I haven't been exposed to the wailing noises. I assume anyone will view that as a positive development. It will be a while until I have much of anything else to note on this or even any semblance of a relationship with the tiny creature, but I suppose we should all live and tolerate one another admirably despite this tremendous failing in communicative abilities.

Secretly my plot shall be to teach the child some other language which no other peer of ours is likely to know off-handedly (this unfortunately would exclude Japanese, which I had a considerable interest in learning at some point. Perhaps Korean or Russian however will suffice). This will aid my ability to perform my "corrupting elder" role.

Random other things: I'm surprised Utah is up 3-1. Not really surprised OKC beat LA twice at home. Let me know if they win a road game, then the "series starts" as they say. Despite LA's weaknesses being glaring this series (in particular Fisher and the lack of effective bench play other than Odom), I'm still not sure anybody else out West is setup to beat them in a 7 game series. Other than maybe the San Antonio-Dallas winner, mostly just the Spurs though. Kidd isn't much of a problem for LA the way Parker/Hill would be and the way Westbrook has been. I don't think Utah can beat them without their big guys being healthy (Okur and Kirilenko) and I don't think Denver can either (Kenyon's not 100%), and Phoenix is just a weird match-up all around. Still don't see Orlando or Cleveland losing in the Finals though. Maybe even Boston could beat LA (Hawks could get trounced).

Apparently the NHL is continuing its tradition of having home-ice mean next to nothing during the playoffs. 20 games won by the home team. Out of 44. Naturally the ratio is far better during the regular season.
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