26 October 2009

yet another wedding

I have no photos. Since I have no camera. I do however have some observations.

1) Wedding cake is a terrible human invention. Pies are far superior to decorative food. Also: BBQ.
2) Small children are very unpredictable. Given a traditional wedding, it seems very hit or miss whether they will be a nice addition to a ceremony.
3) There are enormous advantages being anti/non-religious in a semi-religious setting and family. As in: you will not be even asked to do much of anything, if at all. Much less having actual formal requirements beyond eating food.
4) The main advantages come from being a total stranger to people and anti-socialite however. I can now say with great confidence that nobody will ever ask me to serve some official function at a wedding (this will include being one of the essential parties of a wedding "ceremony"). I find this realisation of my social habits quite remarkable. And it is good.
5) Nobody should ever ask me to operate a camera (that would be of the modern digital variety). They're not very cooperative and I have no interest in learning how to make them more so.

Updated 6) For my comfort, it will probably be a while before anyone gives me statements like "you're next". Or rather it better be a while. Because that shit is just annoying. I don't need an implication or accusation that:
1) I should be married or want to get married anytime soon (much less be actively sifting through any options to achieve such a goal)
2) that I will bother wasting time with pomp and ceremony.
3) Or a party. You all can go to a party that I wouldn't be at. Ink Spots music selections to the contrary, I'm not enthusiastic about being the center of attention. Ever.

Updated again:
I forgot to mention: seeing the bride doing martial arts demonstrations at the reception was, however, very cool.
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