13 October 2009

Some perspectives are better than others

Daily Dose of laughter

Also this, to keep in mind the present chain of "logic" for why we don't need equality of civil rights in this country.

The key point I've noticed over time is that comedy is the best way to highlight the ways people view reality as distorted. As in, people are not willing to deal with reality as is with its variously complex and simple problems, so they make something up instead to project their anxiety and fear upon. And then demand someone else do something about it.

It's important to keep in perspective that this is a position to be mocked and treated with laughter at best, and pity when laughter is inappropriate. Because otherwise you will get into arguments with people who think they are seriously living in the real world by avoiding any ounce of logical resistance to their worldview, and that shit is just depressing.

I laugh when I hear things like "Sarah Palin has a conservative vision or agenda". Because it's funny to observe the amount of logical inconsistency that is involved to project that upon her actual accomplishments. I pity people who need someone (or something) to tell them right from wrong, and who want someone to tell everyone else right and wrong too. Because it's just not that hard to figure out basic ethics. I think it is okay to laugh when "they" (authoritarians) try to make sense. Because shouting back at their volume level doesn't seem like a healthy response.
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