17 October 2009

What you are asking for, already exists.

What's funny about this is that I recently debated people on the issue of college admissions which were supposedly skewed against white/Americans in favor of foreign, especially Asian, kids. It first had to be established that I have no idea where this logic is coming from that there's a bias involved at high level institutions. If anything, it seemed to me that the bias was already for European-descended Americans because of our generally lower math and science scores. Let me know where there is compelling evidence that there's a bias moving in the other direction and then maybe at least there's a quasi emotional justification for college admissions protectionism. Though I still would say that the "bias" is that there's a pool of better qualified students. Which is not the fault of the college admissions boards.

Granting that this study only tracks Americans, I would imagine that there's a fairly consistent racial profile for admissions of foreigners.
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