24 November 2009

wide range of things

From health care to video games

You could easily skip the "DC sucks" section, but the story impacts of video games in the future (along with the continuing debunking of violence being caused by them) is a nice touch. Bioshock (their example) was a fascinating back story which helped create the game's occasionally creepy atmosphere (one may never look at a vending machine the same way for example). And of course I've been ranting about health care being paid for in the most illogical manner (through insurance) for a while. These sorts of folks are part of the reason why.

I don't of course have much to say about the new ghost author and her fanbase. But I do think the comparisons to an empty vessel (madlibs works in either direction for her) or a reality TV star I've seen for Palin are apt.

The website itself has been rather productive lately. Ezra's discussion on food was fairly useful as well. For example admitting there are problems with the sort of liberal paternalism arguments with food and junk food for adults will make that reform for public health and externality costs difficult. But I'm pretty sure that critique (that it's hard) doesn't apply to school lunches and vending machines in schools. Also, I'd like to see the study that he cited where men eat more vegetables or fruits if they're stored on the same shelf of the fridge (rather than if they're subsidized).

Naturally that's less helpful for someone like me, but by choice I'd rather have some fruit as a snack already.
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