07 November 2009

Tape Delay

I haven't posted all week. For explanations

1) Bought Borderlands. Haven't played it much yet (got it in the mail yesterday). I expect to lose a few hours later.
2) Finishing Bill Simmons' tome on basketball. A few thoughts that I doubt most people will care about will be coming I'm sure. I tend to look at ranking lists for some reason.
3) World Series and updating my stat-head all-time league. That's tedious as it involves making and re-ordering ranking lists and picking averaged seasons to replace and to normalize the new data from park factors and league averages. Easier than it sounds.
4) NBA started. Some time lost to early season moves with fantasy basketball. As per usual, I skip fantasy football and baseball because they are less predictable or less fun than my alternative reality league, respectively. Basketball I haven't seen very many good statistical simulation games that would allow an alternate reality game (in part because the NBA didn't keep good statistics until the 70s and didn't have a three point line for a while either. Way to ignore blocks, steals and turnovers for the better part of two decades). So playing games with the modern players is quite good enough. So far I'm in 3-4th but one of the guys ahead is burning out the games played.
5) I have now a backlog of about 10-12 blog posts or news blurbs that I wanted to comment on but hadn't come up with a coherent statement of opinion or factual rebuttals that required a blog posting. Yet. Probably tomorrow.
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