12 November 2009

Things that are so predictable

they shouldn't even be things you could gamble on

Like "Hammer falls on Bryon Scott". After it was obvious midway through last season that he was now an ineffective coach in New Orleans. Not that there are many meaningful positive coaches in basketball (Jackson, Popovich, Sloan, Daly and Riley when they were coaching, also Auerbach back in the day). At some point it just reaches a point where these normal and marginally effective coaches become ineffective and harmful. Scott's done this a couple times already. And I'm not sure how you could piss off Chris Paul. It doesn't help that their roster isn't well assembled, as a mix and match of some older veterans (Stojakovic and Posey) and some new key players (Okafor), but that team had obviously quit by the end of last season on the coach (when they got annihilated by Denver in the playoffs).
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