27 November 2009

We would worry a lot less about what other people thought about us if we knew how little they think about us at all

So I read that quote a couple days ago and it reflects rather flexibly and perfectly the social attitudes I've conveyed and experienced.

1) I am consistently surprised that I have made any impression upon other people such that they would seek me out for contact, consultation, or amusement. So to me, the idea that I am ever on the minds of others is surprising.

2) Other people are consistently surprised that they appear as characters in my narrative of life, or my dreams for what may be characterized as the mundane, or as desirable companions for more than a few moments in passing. Probably even for the random and absurd commentary I feed off of to provide for the usual amounts of social life I have, even though it is never clear that my variety of commentary is desirable.

3) I'm guessing the relative detachment and misanthropy makes it difficult to assess what level of sociability I am willing to have, much less what level I would wish to have and have conveyed (which I find I generally have communicated that level to others).

4) That this sort of quote is therefore most applicable to other people such that they need to get a grip. I am fully aware of just how self-important I am that when another person surfaces in my consciousness as a subject of consideration, or they may shudder to see, affections, it is a topic worth making conversation over (with them). Inversely, there are so many barriers in the way that it seems perfectly likely that if I do occur to other people, it is not merely in the surprising sense that I take it as for the rarity of experiencing it and for reasons that I am probably aware of if I were to spend any time considering why I might make favorable or at least unique impressions upon the lives of others. That is to say: that other people are probably less self-important than I take them to be.

5) Also, consuming a lot of food is still good. Just thought this needs to be confirmed at least a couple times per year.
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