12 November 2009

and lastly, a bit of news

Good riddance

Except he'll probably think he can be in politics with the sheriff of Maricopa County. On the plus side, I haven't watched CNN in a while anyway. This makes it less likely I'll even catch a glimpse of it at least (though fewer appearances on the Daily Show is probably a bad thing for a news network at this point). Given his show demographic of mostly retired or old people, I don't see how this has a downside for CNN either.

And of course, this was probably the most predictable headline in the world. So, if one is keeping score, we are not supposed to enlist loners, Muslims, women, gays, and famous people (Tillman) to wars. Check.

Really, I didn't need any more public headlines to help to convince other people I'm a brooding sociopath.
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