12 November 2009

Things to think about

That Dilbert guy is occasionally clever

1. Does this situation follow a pattern I've seen in scams?
2. Is someone giving answers that seem intentionally vague?
3. Is information conspicuously missing?
4. Is someone trying to rush me?
5. Could someone unscrupulous easily take advantage of me?
6. Have I regretted this sort of decision before?
7. How do I imagine other people will react to this decision?
8. If the expert is so smart, why isn't he rich?

The last one in particular is really fun. I don't have as much to think of #7. But then there aren't that many people who would even be able to react.

I might add one more. "Why is this person shouting at me?" or inversely, "why is this person talking so fast and low?" - In reference to virtually every TV commercial. Except for this one maybe. Not a whole lot of talking.
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