10 November 2009

shootings begin

I had really only one thought once I read "enough" about the Fort Worth shooting: Why was this guy slotted to be deployed in the first place? Seems like if the FBI is looking at him, even casually, and his colleagues seem somewhat alarmed by him, then why was he either still in the army even in a specialist role and more importantly, why was he being shipped off to a war zone?

The next thought once I ran through the "logic" of all that and got no real answer that wasn't stifled by bureaucracy: so you can be an insane radical and serve in the military, something I already knew because we let all the Christianists who want in too (Blackwater ends up with them when they're done it seems), but you can't be gay? Because certainly a gay comrade is far worse for unit morale and cohesion than being shot at in your own base by your own comrades.
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