20 October 2010

So... how's that witchcraft thing going for you?

Because you're going to need a night job after this. Nobody should hire you for a day job if you're this dumb to think you can run for Senate and not even know what the laws are...

After scolding Coons for his lack of knowledge of constitutional law for stating that intelligent design should not be taught in public schools . . . O’Donnell challenged her rival on his assertion that the U.S. Constitution creates a distinct separation between church and state.

“Where in the Constitution is separation of church and state?” O’Donnell asked. Upon hearing her words, the audience in the room burst into laughter.

"I also think you just heard, in the answers from my opponent, and in her attempt at saying 'where is the separation of church and state in the constitution' reveals her fundamental misunderstanding of what our Constitution is, how it is amended and how it evolved. The First Amendment establishes the separation, the fact that the federal government shall not establish any religion, and decisional law by the Supreme Court over many, many decades --" O' Donnell then interrupted. "The First Amendment does?" she asked, skeptically.

Coons continued his explanation, and O'Donnell interrupted again. "So you're telling me that the separation of church and state is found in the First Amendment?"

Coons went on to cite cases the Supreme Court had decided that backed up the position of a wall between church and state.

"Let me just clarify," O'Donnell pressed. "You're telling me that the separation of church and state is found in the First Amendment?"

"The government shall make no establishment of religion," Coons said, summarizing the gist of the specific words in the First Amendment's establishment clause.

"That's in the First Amendment?" O'Donnell asked again, eliciting further laughter from the room.

I guess this is funny, in a depressing sort of way. But really, if this is the sort of person that people (in the Tea Party) took seriously, I'm not surprised. Good luck winning that 50th Senate seat this way. Especially in Delaware.

I also look forward to seeing Palin try to debate anything if this is what her crack suicide squad came up with for O'Donnell. She should be done by New Hampshire, if not South Carolina, but still.
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