21 October 2010

So as I was saying...

The law bumps online poker in Washington from a misdemeanor to a Class C felony. This is the same category as child molestation, arson, and kidnapping.

Since we all know that gambling online is just like burning houses down and accosting children.

This would be part of that "great big problem" for me to vote for a Republican/conservative, but in all fairness, their overzealous moralizing written into law is backed by sterner stuff. Namely...

Keep in mind, gambling is legal in Washington State. They have casinos and a lottery. The lottery serves the state's interests, as usual, for throwing schools (and teacher's unions) a little extra cash. And the casinos, well they have their own interests. And those interests are connected with a percentage take by the state... so well. If they say they'll lose business to all this unregulated internet traffic, so much for that.

In other news. Apples are like oranges. That analogy should now assume a very different character.
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