27 October 2010

In which I discuss self-loathing

"People see themselves as more neurotic and open to experience compared to how they are seen by other people. External observers generally hold a higher opinion of an individual’s conscientiousness than he or she does about him- or herself. As a rule, people think that they have more positive emotions and excitement seeking but much less assertiveness than it seems from the vantage point of an external observer"

"A relatively strong negative correlation (r = −.53) between the average self-minus-observer profile and social desirability ratings suggests that people in most studied cultures view themselves less favorably than they are perceived by others"

That's not all that shocking really. I'm constantly amazed that I've made favorable impressions. Or that people think I have some sort of diligence. I could see how most people would have a vantage of high excitement seeking (we don't like to think we are "boring"), but my impression was that "openness" was also describing exposure and openness to new ideas in addition to new experiences. I'd guess most people are not "turned on" by a new idea quite as much as a new hobby, but still, I'd like to pick this apart more and see where this gap comes in.
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