08 October 2010

More on voting

I get the feeling that there many voters think this is an important or momentous election, distinct from other elections. Instead of feeling empowered by this process, I feel greatly disillusioned. I'm watching one party descend into madness and the other sort of fumble around like they have no idea what they are doing (and no idea how this dastardly attempt at confusing themselves into believing they're accomplishing things is interpreted as somehow a heinous shift toward world socialism by the madness crowd). And besides that, I'm not that interested when people start telling me a story about how if X happens, it will be the end of history as we know it, so we must do Y, and exhort others to do Y as well. Without explaining how Y would be any better, or how they know that X is happening, will happen, or is actually bad in the first place. It's all a very convenient packaging, but it's really kind of boring and I tune out to wait for the gotcha part of the commercial.

Meanwhile, it seems to me that, while people are busy blaming the government for.. whatever it is they think the government should or should not be doing relating to the economy, it looks like it's still a monetary policy problem that ought to be at the heart of the city on this whole deal. Just like it almost always is. Meaning it doesn't matter very much who is in charge, other than that they can appoint and confirm some people to sit on the board of people who makes those policies.

So, I could be more disturbed into voting if I had any idea what the right's or these tea party people's position on monetary stimulus or negative interest on excess reserves was. My guess is there's a faction of silly and outdated goldbugs, given all the gold commercials on Faux. But I haven't heard them talking as much as Ron Paul was during the campaigns. They seem to be confused into thinking that they're going to solve both the short and long term debt and deficit problems by simply nixing that troublesome less than 5% of federal outlays that we spend on foreign aid and pork spending. Or something like this. I like magic tricks too, but only because I like to figure out how they're done.

And not because I'm wowed by the magician.
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