25 October 2010

Most annoying

part of election season. ... Other than the ads.

Is this transcendent belief that somehow the elections matter by placing different colours on a map or different people in office from the opposite political party. This then absolves people who favor that party from finding dissatisfying political movements or policies coming from their now powerful elite, until they are then removed from power and replaced by people from the apparently evil and heinous "other" team.

I look at that graph and don't see what exactly shifted other than control by which party over the White House that should explain any changes. So I see a couple major problems will persist after this supposedly transformative election season too.
1) Whichever political party is not in power will have members who are pissed with the government.
2) This will have very little to do with them actually being pissed with government powers, but rather that they are not able to pull the levers of power for their own approved ends and amusements.
3) I'm very alarmed that the percentage of people annoyed at government influence and power is less than 50%.. and has been for a long time. This would explain problems like the endless drug war and the apportioning of ridiculous powers like civil forfeiture laws and no-knock police raids, or the lack of interest in torture as a criminal action.
4) Consequently, I would safely conclude that most people are rationally ignorant of political policies actually being conducted by either political party. In fact, it would seem clear that they're rationally ignorant of which party controls the Congress, with only the visible Presidency mattering at all.

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