09 February 2011

Other random thoughts of the day, or other things that should not be said aloud by other people

Random thoughts
1) Dane Cook and Daniel Tosh, not funny. Don't get it.

2) John Mayer and Coldplay, not good. Don't get it.

3) Thai food, good. Need to get some of it.

Things that should not be said that I see said all the time.

1) Global warming, not happening (what to do about it is a legitimate debate concerning foreign policy and international economics, whether it's going on, not so much)

2) Evolution, not happening

3) Muslims, all of them, evil. (Same applies to atheists, all of them, immoral).

4) History channel, has actual history on it.

5) Cable news stings of child predators prove this is a serious and wide spread problem and that your children may be in danger

6) Vaccines, not good.
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