21 February 2011

NCAA ratings New #1

Obviously all those upsets this weekend took some tolls. Did not make a muddy situation look clearer.

1) Duke
2) Ohio St
2) Kansas

Still pretty close together up here, but no real surprise that Duke passed the field to move up to #1. I don't see them as a potential title contender however. Defense isn't as good as it was last year.

4) Texas (these guys I can't figure out, defense is smoking, but you lose to Nebraska?).
5) BYU
6) Purdue
6) Pitt

Purdue moved up a notch.

8) San Diego St
9) Wisconsin
10) Kentucky
11) Washington

12) Georgetown
13) North Carolina
14) Arizona
15) Villanova

16) Syracuse

17) West Virginia
18) Louisville
18) Notre Dame
20) Vanderbilt
21) Illinois
22) Utah St

23) George Mason
24) Missouri
25) Connecticut
25) Belmont

Bubbly high ranked (that are low ranked bubble teams in the RPI world).
Cincinnati, Maryland, Marquette, Duquesne, Alabama, Clemson.

Nebraska probably got the marquee win of the weekend. Moved into one of the play-in games. The Missouri Valley got smoked in the Bracketbuster weekend; Missouri St's completely off the sheet now. So is Colorado and Memphis. Conference USA is still way overrated by RPI.
Last four out looks like this now: Michigan, New Mexico, Washington St, Richmond. Northwestern moved up a bit. Colorado St moved back.
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