09 February 2011

NCAA early version

1) OSU
2) Kansas
3) Duke
4) Texas
5) Pitt
Pretty crowded up top. If I had to choose, I'd take Kansas, but OSU and Duke also look promising.

6) BYU
7) Wisconsin
8) Kentucky
9) Purdue
10) SDSU
11) Villanova

12) Washington
12) Syracuse
12) North Carolina

15) Georgetown
16) Illinois
17) Connecticut
18) Arizona
19) West Virginia
20) Louisville

21) Notre Dame
22) Missouri
23) Vanderbilt
24) Marquette
25) Utah St

Random team for upset watch in first round: Belmont (28). George Mason is at 29 also, and neither is likely to get a respectable seeding but should be high enough to knock off somebody else who's right around them in actual ability.

Texas AM appears to be the most overrated team in the country. They're ranked right now, but I have them as barely in the field (44).

I don't have Gonzaga in for the first time in years, but they're in a crowded bunch of middling teams (Michigan St, Butler, St Johns, Baylor, Northwestern, UCLA, Xavier and so on). So they can play their way in.
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