05 September 2010

Thoughts on the observation

Of a "drug" bust.

At a friends home, out in front of the location several police cruisers have gathered around an old beat up looking car (actually an old beat up looking police car that's no longer a police car). Eventually the dog arrives, sniffs around and gets excited over something. The police turn up after an exhaustive search of the vehicle... a pipe with some drug residue. The next half-hour is spent milling around talking amicably with the people who weren't getting arrested in the car for the odious and extremely hazardous charge of "drug paraphernalia possession", complaining about something on the front fender of one of the police cruisers, and generally milling about doing nothing by the police.

It was never quite clear to me what the initial pulling over of the car was justified on, other than it was "suspect" looking to begin with.

But yes. This was our hard fought victory against drugs paid for by public tax dollars.
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