08 September 2010

And people wonder

...why libertarians find government regulations so annoying.

"Let me give some context to this. If you apply for a sign that’s within our regulation, it would take somewhere between three and five days. If it’s outside the regulations, it needs to be [no bigger than] four foot by eight foot, no more than two or three colors. If you want to go 10 by 10, and put it up a little bit higher, and have 10 colors on it, you have to get approval to go outside the variance."

Immediate problems with this statement

1) It takes 3-5 days to be approved for something that's within the rules? I guess I could live with that given that corporate bureaucratic structures can be a tremendous pain in the ass too...but you could also just say "here are the rules for signs" for businesses to follow and issue appropriate fines or what not if they aren't followed.
2) As was mentioned, why does it matter how many colours there are at all? Seriously?
3) Why does it take all summer to get approval outside of a size variance?
4) Better yet, why, if the property is already zoned commercial, is there a size variance regulation to begin with?

Keep in mind these are only local zoning related regulations being tossed around...
We're not even into licensing of teachers or schools or the use of corporate tax breaks to induce businesses to relocate or the public funding of privately owned sports franchises' stadiums, and so on.
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