14 September 2010

Okay, what the ...?

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So now these are "veiled threats".... when explaining that being idiotic and bigoted makes the people being bigoted against possibly angry, or perhaps feeds a narrative told by their own bigots and idiots? Fuck this. No one can win a debate with people who have the attention span of "reality is not confirming our pre-existing beliefs, so we will ignore it and try to make you pay attention to our fantasy land instead". Where we are besieged and assailed by various nebulous threats that somehow will never materialize in reality. We do not have millions of potential terrorists hiding among us, just as we do not have millions of anchor babies and welfare teat sucking immigrants roving around lobbing off rancher's heads and selling drugs to our toddlers.

Get a grip and get off your couch. Go walk around to clear your head and stop being angry and afraid about everything so much so that if someone else isn't angry and afraid too at (instead of with) your supposedly reasonable fears you feel as though the world is about to end, the sky will fall and seas will boil over (well maybe not that last part since you don't believe in global warming either, not every unreasonable fear you share in I guess).
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