15 September 2010

old words continues

"The true cause of his drawing so shocking a picture is no more than this; and it ought rather to claim our pity than excite our indignation; he finds himself out of power; and this condition is intolerable to him. The same sun which gilds all nature, and exhilarates the whole creation, does not shine upon disappointed ambition. It is something that rays out of darkness, and inspires nothing but gloom and melancholy. Men in this deplorable state of mind find a comfort in spreading the contagion of their spleen. They find an advantage too; for it is a general, popular error, to imagine the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare. If such persons can answer the ends of relief and profit to themselves, they are apt to be careless enough about either the means or the consequences." - Edmund Burke.

I wonder who the loudest complainers for the public have been? Naturally we may imagine it to shift with the tides of the political wind and so those who complain loudly now were silenced before where they held powers that should have been considered heretofore unimaginable (that is: powers that would or at least could be transferred to their political adversaries). Where I see a body politic complaining ultimately only that they are deprived of power, I am somewhat more at odds with their agenda than if that same body were to complain actively and vigorously to deprive itself of powers were it to be entrusted with the charge of exercising levers of power and good governance. I am therefore greatly troubled that the large portion of voices in this chorus, or cacophony more like, is unspecific on the charges that it would reduce and restore for control and supposed sanities of the offices that they would assume and that where they are specific, you get rantings like this instead of actual ideas.

Fortunately, she's about a 0% chance to win the actual seat. But that's pretty much what you get out of loud complaints: no chances to actually accomplish real things.
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