14 January 2010

Speaking of Security

This is what we have

"People go nuts after security breaches. 'Why don't we start profiling?' 'Why don't we buy full body scanners?' 'Why not get air marshals on every flight?' I'm going to vote for banning the Solitaire. Just a thought."

Quite frankly, this is depressing rather than funny. We've had this system for 8 years and nobody thought to take the step of removing card games from the computers that security gets access to? It's too much trouble even enough to go in and design a security program itself that they would have on screen and running, and I guess I can accept that yes, it would be too much to ask of a government run program of security to design a special computer architecture.

I don't think it should be too much to ask that they delete useless recreational programs from the computer and lock them behind an administrative password.
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