05 January 2010

glad you could join us here in sane land George

So George Will decided to focus on a case of eminent domain abuse for his column, which isn't a terribly controversial topic (in so far as people on most political perspectives, other than maybe the Chinese government, seem to agree this is bad. Except when they actually work for the city and state governments involved or were the 4 "liberal" judges on the Supreme Court plus Chief Justice Roberts).

This is the famous attempt to move the Nets to Brooklyn. And it's all the more reason for cities not to be involved in funding or subsidizing the construction of sports arenas, in addition to the lack of economic sense that it makes anyway. This logic is made even worse by the supposed logic of eminent domain seizures; that it would increase city revenues, which in the case of funding and building new stadiums is definitely wrong. I wouldn't mind the Nets moving to Brooklyn (combined with a decent name change, the Nets are a stupid name for a basketball team. We could have kept the red-white-blue ball from the ABA, but the team names were terrible). And I imagine people in Brooklyn wouldn't either. But they'll probably want the ownership to pay up rather than seize their property through the city government by claiming it is "blighted".

There's also the matter that the development project, the entire overall project which is not just the stadium/arena, is apparently out of money anyway so the whole thing may end up resembling the now infamous Kelo decision with the developer getting the city to do something egregious and then bailing.
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